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The future of Drones or UAV's in modern society is without question. The applications are endless and continue to increase as the technology around drones continues to develop.

Development tailored to each application

The world of electric powered drones is governed chiefly by the battle between flight time vs payload vs stability.

The emphasis shifts between these three primary criteria on each project. It is for this reason that we believe that in order to best exploit drone technology each drone should be developed with its specific application in mind.

Give us a call with the details of your application for the best possible drone based solution.

Drone Platform

Our latest platform developed and manufactured entirely in South Africa.

This platform offers unsurpassed stability especially when descending rapidly from altitude. The 6 rotors are arranged in a 3 legged Y configuration which far outperforms flat HEX and Octo designs when it comes to stability in high winds and fast descents. Each arm has been designed as a completely self contained unit which can be removed by the simple twist of a single cam. The 2 individual Electronic speed controllers for independent motor control are concealed within the moulded arm. This design allows the drone to be quickly disassembled and transported in a considerable smaller case then would normally be required. It also allows for easy maintenance arms can be replaced individually very quickly. The platform provides the perfect platform for numerous applications ranging from film quality cinematography to the mounting of a pepper ball gun used in riot control. When it comes the versatility of the platform, the sky truly is the limit.


  • Lifting capacity 4.5kg
  • Flying time with no load 30 min Sea Level. ( Reduced flight time at higher altitudes)
  • Recommended battery capacity 2X6cell 6200Mah Lipo
  • Control system: 2.4 ghz for direct flight control or download mission for autonomous flight
  • Full fail safe and go-home function
  • Guidance system: Cross reference between GPS, barometric altimeter and gyroscopic stabiliser


Basic film and still photography work using a GoPro camera. Here we make use of a high quality brushless Gimbal which is offers a direct connection to the Gopro. One is then able to set the gopro to record HD footage or set to capture images using repeat mode.

Advanced film and stills applications

Here we suggest the use of a high-end gimbal. This ensures perfectly smooth operation and the ultimate in vibration and movement damping. These Gimbals tend to more fragile and require greater care when transporting. For this reason we only suggest there use where high end video applications are required. We offer a very robust gimbal which will deliver stability that is acceptable for live video feed back for security and basic stills photography missions.

Live video feed to the ground

Live video is offers many challenges as the there is a limit to the power of the transmitter that the drone can carry. We offer many solutions to this problem depending on the operational range required and whether the receiving antenna is fixed or needs to be mobile. Basic live transmission to a mobile handheld antenna is possible at a range of 500m and up to a 1000m when using a vehicle. Greater distances are then achieved using fixed antennae and very long distances require a system of relay antennae. When using live video we strongly suggest the use of an on screen display. This device is carried by the drone and allows all data available on the drones control unit to be displayed on the video that is being viewed live on the ground, the most valuable of which being current battery voltage and altitude. This makes flying the drone using the video feed only a safe and simple operation.

Fail safe features

On takeoff the drone records its exact position as a future go-home point. This is the stored and used should communication with the control system be lost in flight. It is possible to program the drone to initiate automatic failsafe at a certain low battery level eliminating the need for constant battery monitoring. By using a 6 rotor design we allow for the failure of 1 motor with the drone still able to return to home automatically. This feature is not available on configurations using less than 6 motors and is vital when carrying expensive equipment.

Industry specific packages

Close ground support Package (CGS)

This vehicle is intended to be operated as an aerial vantage point in order to assist security forces on the ground during night time operations. The centre piece of the system is the latest TAU 2 Thermal camera from FLIR. This camera is capable of single pixel detection at 1.6km Here the emphasis is on a compact drone with maximum stability in any weather conditions. Wind speed may be as high as 60km/h The package also includes a standard camera and switchable high powered spotlight.

The operator is given a graphical representation of where the drone is using google earth as well as a live video link which can be switched between thermal and standard video. The operational radius is 750m which is ideal when working with ground based forces on foot. All information regarding the drones orientation is displayed live on the operators screen thus enabling the drone to be flown entirely on instruments only. The operational radius can be significantly increased to km where a fixed site is monitored as relay antennas can be installed to ensure clear image transmission. For fixed site installations we would suggest a thorough site visit and evaluation on a site by site basis.

A significant number of fail safes are included.

  • Maximum operating ceiling can be set.
  • Maximum operating radius is calculated in terms of flight time required in order for safe return once low battery warning is triggered.
  • Once low battery warning is triggered drone returns automatically.
  • Loss of a rotor will initiate fail safe whereby drone returns safely to take off point automatically.

These failsafes allow the operator to focus on the situation on screen where the risk is high that flight parameters will be overlooked during high intensity situations.


A demonstration of Dronetec's Close Ground Support Package developed for the South African security industry. Featuring FLIR thermal camera used for night vision.