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The future of Drones or UAV's in modern society is without question. The applications are endless and continue to increase as the technology around drones continues to develop.


Drontec offers comprehensive training programme aimed specifically at operators with no prior experience with remotely controlled aerial vehicles.

Drontec Resources and Manufacture

Our expertise extend from experience in military target drones from as early as the 1980 for the SADF through to development GPS based tracking systems in more recent times. What sets us apart in the African market, however, is our manufacturing capability.

We are able to take a new product from design through to manufacture entirely in house.

This includes:

  • The manufacture of moulds required for our plastic components.
  • The manufacture of our own carbon fibre boards from raw carbon cloth to final machined components.
  • The cutting and machining of all aluminium components.

Through this in house manufacture we are able to guarantee a consistent supply of spare parts as well a range of upgrades throughout the life of the drone.


A demonstration of Dronetec's Close Ground Support Package developed for the South African security industry. Featuring FLIR thermal camera used for night vision.